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Futuristic Business Ideas For Your Retail Store

A new culture of experience appears in the retail sector while advances in the technology becomes an inner part of the market. Many consumers visit the markets see that technology is improving and contributing their shopping experience in the products and services they bought online. This has vital importance in the enterpreneur’s search for new ideas.

1-Artificial intelligence
We may start to see artificial intelligence systems that knows who we are, contacts us directly and records our shopping dates in the future. Artificial intelligence applications will start to be used in many sectors as the day goes on. Artificial intelligence applications already take place among the most profitable business ideas in trend reports for enterpreneurs who are interested in technology.

2-Virtual reality
Virtual reality is already used in places like fashion shows to show customers the latest collections and it is predicted to improve to allow more senses especially the feelings. Those who develops business ideas in the field of virtual reality can also get support from foundations like Kosgeb or from business angels.

3-Customized coupons
In future retailers still will be managed by mobile methods but when they focus on using personal shopping datas, like when they recognize the customer when they enter the shop, they will directly communicate with them when they are shopping. For example, if a product sends our mobile device a coupon when we stand on a corridor between two products, the chance of choosing the product with a coupon will be higher. Personalized ads aim us when we enter a shop will lead us to find what we want.

4-Mobile payment
Mobile payment systems like ApplePay (a mobile payment and digital wallet service from Apple company.) and for advance order and down payment like Starbucks application, will continue to develop touchless and transparent payment. This improvement, with the personnel using mobile hand devices to receive payment will abolish a payment field need and in the meantime integrate options in which the payment options are leaded by the customer.

Showrooming vs Webrooming

5-Showrooming and Webrooming
Showrooming is a customer coming to the store to check the product then buying the product online. The reason is that many people prefer to see and touch the products they buy but many products are sold for lower prices by online. For this reason, local stores are becoming showrooms for actually online shoppers.

6- Drone deliveries
Amazon’s new delivery system Prime Air, designed to do delivery in less than 30 minutes using the unmanned air vehicle. Prime Air aims to reach millions of customers providing fast package delivery increasing the transport system’s general safety and efficiency. This system is estimated to develop more. Who knows maybe some time you will get your products delivered to your balcony instead of carrying them yourself.

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