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Make Money by Writing a Blog in 2019

Still is it possible to make money by writing a blog? Yes, but a certain time, accumulation and persistence is needed. Besides that patience is the building block of this work. Okay, if everything is read we can look further about this topic. How can you make money by writing a blog?

The topic of the blog and the earning model must be compatible with each other. Let us first examine ways of making money from our blog. You decide on what you want to write about after that decide earning method that suitable for you.

Ways to Make Money by Typing Blog

Make money doing a sales partnership

In addition, in this method you have no concern to reach hundreds of thousands of people. The niche blogs, which give you direct access to the potential customer, save two or three more than the minimum wage even if they receive not much unique visitors a day.
Earn money from Adsense
The most advanced advertising service in the world it that Google Adsense. Blog owners who decide to work with this ad service will earn money per click.

In this system, which usually brings some amount of earnings per click, teamwork is usually required. Because it is not always easy to follow the current topics and produce dozens of original content every day.
Make money by monetizing ads
It is always much better to play on a single topic, but our focus here must be low competition, high earnings. Some topics may seem ideal for making money by blogging, but thousands of entrepreneurs can be nestled there before you do. Therefore, it is imperative to conduct competitor analysis first.

In addition, you can publish Adsense ads alongside these ads, and also evaluate affiliate offers for the industry.

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